Menex (a.k.a. Dimitris Menexopoulos) is a versatile composer, sound designer, audio technologist and multi-instrumentalist from Thessaloniki, Greece. Having an academic background in Geoscience, Electronic Production and Design, he often draws elements from a wide spectrum in the fields of Art and Science to carry out his work. He has two solo albums under his name (Phenomena - 2014, Perpetuum Mobile - 2017), an EP (40 EP - 2020), a virtual reality video game soundtrack (The Village - 2019) and various performances internationally. His collaborations include electronic musician Robert Rich (Vestiges - 2016), director Shekhar Kapur (Brides of the Well - 2018) and film composer George Kallis (Cliffs of Freedom - 2019) among others. He is currently based in London, UK.