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Sailor of the Stars (2019)

As a far topology, the moon has represented multiple cultural narratives and mythologies throughout history, bringing together ancient, future, and present times. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, I collaborated with visual artist Izabela Duszenko on her hand-drawn animated short film "Sailor of the Stars".

Brides of the Well (2018)


"Brides of the Well" is a short animation movie about the effect of the shortage of water on females worldwide, directed by the award-winning director, Shekhar Kapur and produced by WaterAid UK.

Music Credits

Yao Wang: Composition
Srishti Biyani: Voice
Mt Aditya Srinivasan: Tabla
Dimitris Menexopoulos: Lyra

Mykonos, The Soul of an Island (2018)


"Mykonos, The Soul of an Island" is an award-winning documentary about the life on the Greek island of Mykonos. In the words of director, Nico Mastorakis: " A bittersweet account of life during four months of frenzy, alcohol, drugs, sex and big money. Two million tourists in a short period of time, make people wonder: Is Mykonos a Greek island? The film provides answers and although it's fun to watch, it goes deeper than the tan skin of tourists, into the soul of the island. In a Faustian kind of way - See the super rich get married and the celebrities get chased. Starring: stars of global proportions in movies, music, fashion and sports. It's been called "magical," "romantic," "erotic," "magnificent." Now it's time for the world to see all the faces of the most controversial island in the Mediterranean. A feature-length documentary; sexy, spectacular, funny but also dark, dramatic and emotional -- it leaves no stone not turned."

Music Credits

Apostolos Papapostolou: Composition
Dimitris Menexopoulos: Lyra

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